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WWE Mixed Match Challenge results: SmackDown's quarterfinals

Images: WWE

Mixed Match Challenge continued this week with an episode from Austin, Texas. The SmackDown block semifinals plodded along as the tournament winds down with a whimper. Only one episode remains in the second season of a show plagued by injuries and haphazardness.

The commentary arguably made this particular episode the worst of season two. The team of Vic Joseph, Renee Young, and Michael Cole are normally the usual fare when it comes to WWE commentary. For some reason, Cole was not having a good night. He made snide and condescending remarks to Joseph several times.

Cole was also reading out loud comments posted in the show’s Facebook thread. He was glad they were in Austin, because he could drive home afterwards. That all detracted from the matches, and they needed all the help they could get as the crowd seemed to care very little about the tournament. The live audience reacted more to the characters than the matches.

The show opened with the aftermath from SmackDown. Officials were helping AJ Styles to the back after he suffered a beatdown at the hands of WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

Carmella & R-Truth defeated Charlotte Flair & Jeff Hardy

Truth pinned Hardy with a schoolboy after Hardy missed a Swanton. An online poll had 91 percent of those responding predicting a dance break during the match. There was ultimately more than one dance break -- but only one was accompanied by music and included the dimming of the house lights.

Hardy and R-Truth started with chain wrestling. Things soon broke down into a dance off. That is when Carmella made a blind tag. Charlotte hit her with chops, and Carmella answered back with a flying headscissors. The big dance break erupted when Carmella & Truth avoided stereo baseball slides from Flair & Hardy.

Flair broke up the dance break with a sneak attack to set up the heat spot. Working over Carmella for several moments, Flair eventually climbed the ropes. Carmella cut her off with a flying headscissors off the ropes.

Truth ran wild on Hardy after a hot -- or actually rather mild -- tag. A scissors kick led to Truth covering Hardy with a lateral press. Flair rushed in to break up the pin attempt. Her and Carmella began fighting again as the fight between Hardy and Truth also continued.

Hardy crashed and burned on a Swanton Bomb when Truth rolled out of the way. Truth was then able to schoolboy Hardy and score the pinfall.

Cole said fans were referring to the result as the “biggest upset” in the history of Mixed Match Challenge. That is an impressive compliment in a tournament with such a storied history dating back -- squints at the record book -- almost an entire year.

Asuka & The Miz defeated Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Asuka submitted Naomi with the Asuka Lock. A story throughout the match was dissension between Team Awe-ska. They had lightly teased tension earlier in the tournament with Asuka being a babyface and Miz being a heel. At one point, a camera captured a close-up of the bedazzled shoes Miz wore in the ring.

The multi-colored footwear matched Asuka’s gear -- so they are somewhat on the same page. On commentary, Cole basically categorized the dissension as a red herring meant by Miz to fool their opponents. Miz would later reveal that the shoes were decorated for him by his niece.

Asuka shook hands with Naomi at one point -- much to the dismay of Miz. Naomi and Asuka were recently tag team partners in a program with the IIconics, so them shaking hands is within reason.

Miz taunted the crowd while working over Uso. Meanwhile, Cole urged the viewing audience to join the official Facebook group for Mixed Match Challenge. If you do not have enough places on the internet to argue with strangers, then it could be the perfect place for you.

In the closing moments of the match, Asuka and Naomi traded near falls. Naomi executed a Bubba Bomb before rolling up Asuka into a cradle. Asuka countered into a cradle of her own. Asuka landed the Rear View for an awkward two count. Despite the clunkiness, Asuka managed to apply the Asuka Lock and Naomi tapped out.

The show closed with Asuka & Miz bickering back and forth with each other. Likewise, the announcers also bickered -- and so ended a show all about going through the motions. In a video posted after the episode, Kayla Braxton interviewed Asuka & Miz following their match. Miz was being condescending while Asuka rolled her eyes. She chopped Miz before storming off.

Next week on the last episode of the second season, the semifinals determine which teams from Raw and SmackDown will advance to the finale at TLC. Bayley & Finn Balor against Alicia Fox & Jinder Mahal is the Raw block match. For the SmackDown block semifinal, Asuka & Miz meet Carmella & R-Truth.