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WWE 205 Live results: Rush & Mendoza vs. Nese & Daivari

A recap of NXT's Lio Rush vs. Angel Garza Cruiserweight title match aired to start things off, with Rush going into overdrive when Garza crossed the line by taking off his tear-away pants in front of Rush's wife. The Final Hour won it for Rush as his wife fended off a blown kiss from Garza.

Garza started off the show. Aiden English was calling the action with Jon Quasto, who called this a dream come true. English got in a great line about how Quasto being excited to debut here says a lot about him.

Jack Gallagher then came out for a match that should be a fun contrast in styles.

Angel Garza defeated Jack Gallagher

English talked about Garza's foot being on the rope during his loss to Rush on NXT. Garza offered a handshake to Gallagher and then pulled his hand away. English worked heel by saying that it wasn't nice of Gallagher to do that.

Garza worked the leg over and hit a Bang-A-Rang for two while the fans did the "CM Punk" chant. A basement dropkick hit a prone Gallagher for two. A corner dropkick led to Garza's pants-ripping spot, with English doing a Ric Flair-style Woo.

Garza hit a pop-up punt on Gallagher for two. A flash cradle got two for Gallagher before we got a long chinlock from Garza.

Gallagher landed a big headbutt, but he missed the dropkick and Garza schoolboyed him with the trunks to win.

Gallagher confronted English after the match for talking smack about him. English backed off.

The Singh Brothers defeated Tim Gange to retain the 24/7 title

The 24/7 Championship now has giant Bollywood stickers on the top of it. Gange would be right at home on JCP 30 years ago. The Singhs sang for a bit, buried his physique, and they made it a two-on-one handicap match.

Gange hit a dropkick but then ate a Bollywood Blast and that was it.

The Singhs danced and then ran while dancing. The funniest part in all this was them running past a fan who would rather look at his phone than them as they ran by.

Lio Rush was asked if he's met his match and he said no -- Garza lost. If Garza gets in his wife's face again, he'll rearrange Garza's.

NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush & Raul Mendoza defeated Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Rush and Mendoza were teaming together with mutual respect. They got attacked by Nese and Daivari and thrown out quickly, but Mendoza threw Rush into a low-pe and hit his own dive. Rush double stomped Daivari's wrist off the top. Rush then worked the arm over with some double-teams. A double-team dropkick and a Rush standing frog splash got two on Daivari.

Nese came in and tossed Rush out so Daivari could lariat him down. A big back elbow led to Rush being beaten down a bit more until he could tag in Mendoza using his speed.

Mendoza hit a crossbody and a clothesline before a dropkick, a spinning suplex, and bottom rope moonsault got two. Daivari and Nese landed a delayed double suplex for a two count of their own.

Mendoza got locked in a sleeper, but he managed to tag Rush in. Rush ran wild, but Daivari hit a run-up suplex off the top on him. The Come Up hit for Rush before Mendoza tagged in and landed a spinning uranage for two.

Nese hit a rising uppercut, but a 450 missed. Rush tagged in and won it with the Final Hour.