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Wrestling Weekly: Jim Melby, Paul Orndorff, AJ Styles, more

Les Thatcher and Vic Sosa return for the last show of 2016 with everything on the table from Cauliflower Alley to AJ Styles and American Alpha! 

After a few minutes of reflecting on some of the stuff we’ve seen change over the years in daily life, the wrestling conversation touches TNA, the need for promotions to stop imitating WWE and create something different, the great year enjoyed by AJ Styles, and American Alpha’s title win and what Les hopes is next for them.

We’ll also open up the mailbag to talk Cauliflower Alley, which leads into some memories of the late Jim Melby, as well as some thoughts on Paul Orndorff, why so many “vintage” wrestling posters from back in the day got so many names wrong and more.

Thanks for listening, have a wonderful weekend and a safe and happy New Year’s celebration~!

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