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WOR: WWE decides to go live, The Revival, XFL closing

It's Wrestling Observer Radio with Dave Meltzer and Jim Valley. WWE changed plans -- instead of taping episodes of Smackdown, RAW and NXT, the decision was made on the spot to produce them live or close to live as possible. Florida is supposed be closed down. Is Vince doing something that Dana White couldn't?  Dave has details of when, why and how the WWE decision happened.

Meanwhile, The Revival and WWE officially parted ways. Dave gives his thoughts on that. With the XFL suspending operations, we talk about the economics likely surrounding the situation and how it may affect other wrestling and entertainment companies. Ronda Rousey called fans ungrateful. Did she mean that and does Dave expect her at Wrestlemania next year? 

We wrap up with a fun discussion on promoter Paul Boesch and Houston Wrestling. NWA Powerr uploaded classic Houston footage this week. Dave talks memories of Houston and Paul Boesch. 

Start: WWE going live
14:35: XFL shuts down
21:55: Revival gone from WWE
24:28: Ronda Rousey talks ungrateful fans
29:40: SmackDown
30:44: More on Dana's private island
39:14: Advertising revenue way down and how that effects wrestling, general talk on coronavirus
59:53: What if AEW/WWE can't tape?
1:05:59: NWA Houston

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