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Wrestling Observer Live: MJF and AEW, Roman Reigns' schedule

Today on a special Wrestling Observer Live, Andrew is joined by Ryan Droste from Top Rope Nation to discuss the latest wrestling news from the past week.

It has been reported that MJF is leaning toward not re-signing with AEW when his contract is up. Is this real, or just an ongoing negotiating ploy? They go through some of the highlights from AEW this past week including Dynamite, Rampage, and some news bits about trio titles and returning to Queens for Grand Slam later this year. 

SmackDown was a better show this week, setting up The Tag title unification match for next week. Is unifying the Tag Team titles a good idea? 

Roman Reigns has a new contract. Andrew & Ryan break down everything you need to know about it, including how many dates Reigns will work and will it affect business going forward. What does fewer dates mean for the title picture with Roman holding both championships? 

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