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Wrestling Observer Live: Jim Valley returns, talks WWE HOF, WM night one, ROH, more

After nearly two years, Jim Valley returns to host Wrestling Observer Live.

Jim gives his thoughts on the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, including The Undertaker's Ted (or Dead) Talk, Sharmell dazzling, and touching moments with the families of Vader and Shad Gaspard.

Plus, 2005 is back as Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal face off in Ring of Honor.

In addition, Jim looks ahead to WrestleMania night one and asks -- if WWE wants younger talent -- why do they dress so many of them like Ridge Holland, Butch, Madcap Moss, and Chase U in old-timey clothes?

After a long illness and recovery, Jim's voice is still hoarse, but he's back on Saturdays, so check it out~!

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