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WOL: Triple H is a total winner

It's Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley.

"Triple H is a total winner," Tweeted the president in honor of "The Game's" 25th Anniversary in professional wrestling. In a normal time, that would be a completely positive thing to happen. It is not a criticism of the president to acknowledge that he hasn't had positive press lately. WWE already raised questions about it's relationship with the administration when it was declared an essential business.

Now, does the president's tweet put Triple H and WWE in the postion where they, unfairly or not, will be asked questions about the perceived close relationship with the administration and, unfortunately, drinking disinfectant to cure coronavirus. Will this turn off some fans long term or affect the general public's opinion of WWE, the industry and even it's fans.

Plus Vince on Smackdown, Triple H's legacy, AEW taping and much more. 

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