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WOL: A tale of two Hardy Boys, the 80s return in WWE

On the Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Live, it's a tale of two Hardy Boys.

On one television show, a Hardy brother plays off of, and recalls, his positive history and good memories. On the other show, bad memories are brought up of the other Hardy brother, memories fans have been trying to put behind them. I'm not talking specifically about the stupid DUI storyline with Jeff Hardy, but something that I think is worse and even more cynical.

Plus, I talk about my tweet this week where Matt Hardy responded to me. Fans are confused that it's about booking. It's not. Rather, it's about marketing which I explain.

Finally, the 1980s are back in WWE, but Vince McMahon has apparently never seen a John Hughes movie as Otis and Mandy are recreating "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". These skits and cinematic matches have a connection to 80s WWF, Tuesday Night Titans, and The Slammy Awards which we discuss.

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