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WOL Saturday: SmackDown, Lacey Evans, 'because of the fans'

Wrestling Observer Live is back live on Saturday with Jim Valley.

SmackDown overnight ratings were at the highest point since November. Someone on Twitter expected me to be upset. I have no idea why. I talk about why I want wrestling to succeed regardless of whether or not the product appeals to my personal tastes. I have no problem if my predictions don't come to fruition. I want wrestling to succeed more than I want to be correct. I will always try to give you strong opinions. That's the hallmark of any good show regardless of the topic, but I wish no ill will on anyone.

Also, Lacey Evans has a ton of potential and Miz and Morrison are the first WWE heel turns in 2020 who did it "because of the fans." We also talk Rush, Luke Harper, Memphis Wrestling, Dave Brown, AEW, and much more. Follow me on Twitter @jimvalley

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