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WOL: Otis goes from MITB to dead in the water

It's the Saturday Wrestling Observer Live with Jim Valley.

Friday Night Smackdown on Fox was kind a bizarre episode. Did Otis go from Money in the Bank to dead in the water? He shouldn't be even thinking about attacking Braun Strowman from behind. Otis is an honest, blue-collar character. Whether he's being manipulated or is acting on his own, Otis should first struggle with the moral dilemma of cheating to win the Universal Title. Otis didn't even get one full episode as a working class hero after winning the MITB briefcase.

Also on Smackdown, Charlotte talks like William Shatner and Bayley imitates, believe it or not, one of Andy Samberg's monologues for some reason. I'll also talk Dark Side of the Ring, the legend of The Road Warriors, why they're the greatest of all time and a personal interaction I had with Hawk, Animal and Paul Ellering. 

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