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WOL: All positive show on what you love about pro wrestling

With all the uncertainty and grim news right now, it's an all positive episode of Wrestling Observer Live Saturday.

Pro wrestling is supposed to be an escape and that's exactly how we are going to use it today. Let's not gripe about booking or pushes. Spend the next 38 minutes on great pro wrestling past and present. Tweets and calls on Kofimania, Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, spending time with your children, watching Nitro with friends in college/university, classic wrestling video games, and much more.

Plus, we talk about some positives happening right now with AEW, Damian Priest, Raw, SmackDown, Impact, MLW, NWA Power, and Stardom. Maybe we complain too often, so take a few minutes an appreciate all of the choices we have as fans right now. There are some cool things happening. In uncertain times like right now, let's wash our hands and appreciate the positive. 

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