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Free WOL: Remembering Hana Kimura

Wrestling Observer Live Saturday with Jim Valley remembers Hana Kimura, who tragically passed away at the age of 22.

If you aren't a fan of Stardom, you may not be familiar with Hana Kimura, her career and why so many people are mouring her loss. A second-generation star, Hana grew up going to the matches with her mother Kyoko Kimura. I talk about how Hana was much more than just her stunning phyiscial appearance.

She had a charisma and star pressence combined exceptional timing and insticts that made her stand out from many wrestlers, not just wrestlers of a simlilar young age. You can trace a lot of the success of Stardom has found to Hana Kimura.

I talk about my few interactions with Hana Kimura, how I witnessed her popularity first hand in Tokyo and in New York City at American Dream 2019.

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