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UFC Fight Night 113 live results: Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio

Welcome to F4WOnline.com's live coverage of UFC Fight Night 113: Nelson vs. Ponzinibbio, emanating from The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland.

The event is headlined by a pair of welterweights on win streaks looking to break into the top ten rankings as Gunnar Nelson puts his two-fight win streak on the line against Santiago Ponzinibbio, winner of four straight.

Nelson has been creeping close to title contention, and a third straight win against a tough opponent in Poniznibbio would get him close to contention. Ponzinibbio is looking for his most high profile win to date in his career.

In the co-main event, it is a strawweight battle as long-time veteran and Scotland's own Joanne Calderwood looks to hand Cynthia Calvillo her first career loss. Also on the main card is a pair of 155-pound fighters as exciting lightweights Stevie Ray and Paul Felder do battle.

Follow along with our live coverage of the event beginning at 12 PM eastern time with preliminary action all the way through the main card.

NOTE: The new rules are in place for this event, including the scoring.


> Leslie Smith (9-7-1, 3-3 UFC) vs. Amanda Lemos (6-0-1, 0-0 UFC)
Women's Bantamweights

Lemos came out firing in the first minute with leg kicks and then was tagging Smith standing. Smith got a takedown right into the guard of Lemos. Lemos got to her feet and they traded knees in the clinch. Smith was landing combos but was eating kicks from Lemos. They clinched and Smith was tagging the body with punches. Lemos was slowing down towards the end of the round but still landed punches and kicks. They were trading at the end and Smith landed some big knees in the clinch before Lemos scored a late takedown. Fun, close round. 10-9 Smith.

Smith was relentless with pressure and both women were landing punches and kicks. Smith landed a big combination against the fence. Smith was landing knees and punches against the fence. Lots of punches were landed and Lemos was hanging on but the volume was wearing her down. After a lot of punches landed, the referee stopped the fight while they were standing and Smith gets the win in the second round. Impressive showing by Smith.

Smith called out Bethe Correia after the fight, saying Correia has been using everyone else to build up her career, and now she wants to use Correia to build her up.

Official Result- Leslie Smith def. Amanda Lemos by TKO (strikes) at 2:53 of Round 2

> Brett Johns (13-0, 1-0 UFC) vs. Albert Morales (7-1-1, 1-1-1 UFC)

They were trading early. Johns was landing more and then got a takedown against the fence. Johns landed some elbows from the inside the guard. Johns keeping Morales pinned to the mat and is landing punches to the head and body. Morales unable to get out from the bottom. More punches from the top by Johns as he ends the round in full control. 10-8 Johns under the new rules/scoring.

Morales was landing some good punches in the early going of the second round. Johns got a right hand in and went for a takedown but it was defended. Johns was able to get the body of Morales and got the double-leg takedown against the fence. Johns is keeping Morales pinned but isn't landing as much as he did in the first. Morales almost pushed Johns off but Johns got right back into the guard. Johns finished the round out on the top. 10-9 Johns, 20-17 Johns.

They were trading early in the third. Morales was getting the better of the exchanges on the feet. Johns pushed Morales against the fence and got another takedown. Johns got to the back and was landing punches from the back. Morales completely unable to get up from the bottom. Johns moved to an arm-triangle attempt but was trapped against the fence so he didn't have it fully locked in. Morales survived and they went the distance. Should be a clear win for Johns. 10-9 Johns, 30-26 Johns.

Official Result- Brett Johns def. Albert Morales by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-25)


> Danny Henry (10-2, 0-0 UFC) vs. Daniel Teymur (6-0, 0-0 UFC)

Teymur was tagging Henry early and dropped him for a moment. Teymur grabbed the neck but let go and was landing more. Teymur landed a big overhand right. They were trading and Teymur landed some knees in the clinch. Teymur landed a couple of good left hooks. Teymur got on top for a moment and was landing but got back to his feet. Henry was going for upkicks but Teymur kept distance. They got to their feet. Henry landed a right hand. Henry with a flying knee to the body late. 10-9 Teymur.

They were trading early in the second and Henry landed a big right hand. Teymur landed some leg kicks and an uppercut. Henry went for a takedown but Teymur was defending. They went to the mat and Henry had dominant position and was looking for a choke but Teymur escaped to his feet. Henry was pressing forward but Teymur was still landing some right hands. Henry then started to get Teymur in trouble as Teymur was backing up. Henry dropped Teymur! Henry was looking for a finish but may be too tired. Henry got to mount and was landing punches and elbows from the top. Teymur gave up his back and Henry got the choke locked in. Teymur fought the hands and survived! Wow! 10-8 Henry, 19-18 Henry.

Henry was landing to the body and Teymur was still in trouble. Teymur was still landing. Henry started landing more shots and had Teymur in a whole lot of trouble. Henry got the back of Teymur on the mat and was landing and looked for a choke but Teymur escaped though Henry got into the mount. Henry with some shoulder strikes from the top. Both men looking tired. Henry with punches to the head and body on top. Henry improved his mount and landed more punches. They got back to their feet but Henry dragged right back down and had back control. Henry had a choke in at the end but time ran out. 10-8 Henry, 29-26 Henry.

Official Result- Danny Henry def. Daniel Teymur by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-26)

> Charlie Ward (3-2, 0-1 UFC) vs. Galore Bofando (4-2, 0-0 UFC)

Bofando was landing punches and kicks early. They clinched and Ward was going for a throw but Bofando blocked it by throwing Ward to the mat, and Ward hit the mat so hard it knocked him out cold. Bofando landed some more punches to guarantee the finish as the referee was late in stopping it. Bofando with a big knockout win.

Official Result- Galore Bofando def. Charlie Ward by knockout (throw & punches) at 2:10 of Round 1

> Alexandre Pantoja (#14, 17-2, 1-0 UFC) vs. Neil Seery (18-12, 3-3 UFC)

This is Seery's retirement fight. They traded leg kicks and Pantoja briefly dropped Seery with a right hand. Seery landed a right hand. Pantoja landed a couple of leg kicks. They traded kicks and Pantoja dropped Seery again with a right hand, but Seery got back to his feet. Pantoja landed a nice combination. Pantoja landed some big knees against the fence. Seery landed some punches but Pantoja was landing with more volume. Pantoja landed a left hand. They traded at the end. 10-9 Pantoja.

Pantoja came out firing with some punches and knees to the body against the fence. Pantoja had Seery pinned against the cage and was landing before the separated. Seery landed a nice combo. Pantoja was landing in the clinch but Seery landed big on the break. Both men landing some good punches. Both landing but Pantoja landing harder and with more volume. Seery landing some good combos. They traded again. Pantoja has shown no head movement and Seery is landing but Pantoja is just coming back with more volume. 10-9 Pantoja, 20-18 Pantoja.

They traded at the start and Pantoja got a quick takedown. Pantoja was in side control before moving to the back and working for the choke. Pantoja with punches from the back. Pantoja has the rear-naked choke locked in tight and Seery taps out! Big submission win by Pantoja and he looked good in this fight.

Official Result- Alexandre Pantoja def. Neil Seery by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:31 of Round 3

> Danny Roberts (13-2, 2-1 UFC) vs. Bobby Nash (8-2, 0-1 UFC)

Roberts starts off with a high kick. They were trading punches and kicks, but not with a lot of volume. Roberts landed a big body kick. Nash scored a takedown and was on top but wasn't doing much with it. Roberts tried to get to the fence to get to his feet but Nash held him down. They got to their feet and Roberts landed some nice punches. Roberts got reckless and Nash scored a takedown. Nash didn't do much except try to improve position and Roberts got to his feet. Nash grabbed the neck and Roberts went down on a knee and the round ended. Close round as Roberts was controlling the action on the feet and Nash got takedowns, but did nothing with them. 10-9 Nash.

Roberts came out with some body kicks. Roberts landed some short-range punches and knees in the clinch and Nash pushed him against the fence but Roberts got separated. Roberts landed a high kick and Nash landed a low blow kick and we had a timeout. Back to action and Nash landed a right hook but Roberts fired back with a leg kick. Roberts went for a takedown but it was stuffed by Nash. Nash grabbed the back and got a brief takedown but still had the back. Roberts reversed position and landed some knees and a kick on the break. Roberts landed a massive left hand that sent Nash crashing to the mat and one more punch finished it off. Big knockout win by Roberts.

Official Result- Danny Roberts def. Bobby Nash by knockout (punch) at 3:59 of Round 2


> James Mulheron (11-1, 0-0 UFC) vs. Justin Willis (4-1, 0-0 UFC)

> Khalil Rountree (5-2, 1-2 UFC) vs. Paul Craig (9-1, 1-1 UFC)
Light Heavyweights

> Jack Marshman (21-6, 1-1 UFC) vs. Ryan Janes (9-2, 1-1 UFC)

> Stevie Ray (21-6, 5-1 UFC) vs. Paul Felder (13-3, 5-3 UFC)

> Joanne Calderwood (#8, 11-2, 3-2 UFC) vs. Cynthia Calvillo (#14, 5-0, 2-0 UFC)
Women's Strawweights

> Gunnar Nelson (#8, 16-2-1, 7-2 UFC) vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio (#14, 24-3, 6-2 UFC)