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DragonKing Dark: Badfinger

Jun 19, 2022<p>We continue our series of the 100 darkest moments in pop culture history with a band that started off with a string of hit songs, signed to The Beatles' record label, with songs written by The Beatles with many people believing they might BE the new Beatles.&nbsp;</p> <p>But a rash of "whatever could go wrong will go wrong" events struck Badfinger, leaving them broke, sidelined, and two members dead. This is the story of the classic rock band Badfinger.</p>

WOL: The dangerous appetites of Vince McMahon

Jun 18, 2022<p>Jim Valley is back on today's Wrestling Observer Live to run down the few highlights on SmackDown, but mainly talks about the excessive appetites of Vince McMahon. How much money, sex, power and monuments to himself does one person need before his incredible drive changes from an asset to a sickness?&nbsp;</p> <p>Plus, the passing of Dave Hebner, Forbidden Door, Sasha Banks, Triplemania, and more.</p>

Wrestling Observer Radio: Vince McMahon, low AEW Dynamite rating, Dave Hebner

Jun 17, 2022Dave and Garrett are back with updates on the Vince McMahon story and more.

Wrestling Observer Live: Vince McMahon steps down as CEO and Chairman, replaced by Steph

Jun 17, 2022Listen to this show and 13,000 other archived shows as a subscriber to wrestlingobserver.com!

Wrestling Weekly: Vince McMahon stepping aside...kind of

Jun 17, 2022Les & Vic discuss the latest on the Vince McMahon situation.

JNPO: Vince McMahon, Stephanie & WWE's already wild Friday

Jun 17, 2022Josh Nason talks about everything we know about the latest WWE developments with the McMahon family.

Bryan & Vinny & Jonathan Show: AEW Road Rager and NXT 2.0 with special guest Jonathan!

Jun 17, 2022Watch in beautiful HD at video.f4wonline.com! Click JOIN and become TOP TIER today!

Wrestling Observer Live: Vince McMahon, AEW Dynamite, Producer Dom's trip to The Forum

Jun 16, 2022Watch in beautiful HD at video.f4wonline.com! Click JOIN and become TOP TIER today!

DragonKingKarl Classic Wrestling Show: History of pro wrestling at Maple Leaf Gardens

Jun 16, 2022Karl Stern delves into the history of pro wrestling at the famous Toronto venue.