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WOL: WWE Backlash, who is next for Brock, Dr. Lucha returns, more!

Apr 30, 2018A packed show to kick off the week!

I Left My Wallet: NFL Draft Companion

Apr 30, 2018On a new 'Left My Wallet', Antonio Thomas and Flex Rumblecrunch review the first round of the NFL Draft.

WOR: Greatest Royal Rumble fallout, New Japan, Bellator, more!

Apr 30, 2018A packed Sunday night edition of the show!

B&V&M: The Greatest Royal Rumble review!

Apr 29, 2018Watch this show in beautiful HD at video.f4wonline.com!

WOL: Greatest Royal Rumble fallout, should Roman Reigns turn heel?

Apr 29, 2018Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive back with our weekend edition of the show!

DragonKing Dark: Age of Man and a 'monster' in Argentina

Apr 29, 2018On this edition of the DragonKing Dark podcast from When It Was Cool, host Karl Stern talks about two recent articles in the news.

WOR: Greatest Royal Rumble review and all the news!

Apr 28, 2018A bonus Friday night show!

WOL: Live show in the middle of Greatest Royal Rumble!

Apr 27, 2018Follow us as we live through Roman vs. Brock in a cage and more!

Wrestling Weekly: How Briscos-Funks & Bruno-Harley almost tore the NWA apart

Apr 27, 2018Les & Vic talk about the behind the scenes battle of 1973 in the NWA.


Apr 26, 2018NXT. Granny. Bruno.