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JNPO: The world of CBS Sports/Showtime's Brian Campbell

For the first time in two years, Brian Campbell of CBS Sports & Showtime returns to Josh Nason's Punch-Out with a lot to talk about.

Since we last talked, Brian and co-host Luke Thomas launched Morning Kombat, a live YouTube show that has expanded out into watch-alongs and a new show that Brian revealed exclusively on the podcast. He also continues to put in the work with CBS Sports as the host of the State of Combat MMA/boxing podcasts with Rashad Evans, Rafe Bartholomew, Brent Brookhouse, and other guests.

A few topics:

  • We caught up about how Kombat came to be and his relationship with Luke on and off air. 
  • The reveal of a new show coming to Showtime Extreme.
  • Dana White's announcement that they are moving ahead with a May 9th show in an unknown location.
  • Whether Florida's essential business change of heart will mean boxing is coming to the Sunshine State
  • Whether Nevada is going to be next on the essential business combat sports train
  • An early read on the WWE talent cuts (we recorded right when all hell started breaking loose Wednesday)
  • I also give a few thoughts on the passing of Howard Finkel including how he influenced me in my brief run as a ring announcer.

Enjoy this talk with one of the nicest guys in the media game and one of the fastest risers.

Click below to listen:

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