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JNPO: Vince McMahon's fork in the road decision on WWE Network & Peacock

While the latest $1 billion deal between WWE and NBCU has been discussed quite a bit on this very website, I wanted to take a different look at this latest mega media pro wrestling deal on Josh Nason's Punch Out from a different (Kurt?) angle or three.

That's why I enlisted friend of the show and Wrestlenomics guru Brandon Thurston to return for a free hour of power. If you are into this story and some of the between-the-lines talking points, this is for you. If not, just listen anyway.

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Just a few of the points Brandon and I hit upon:

  • Vince McMahon's fork in the road moment at whether to sell the rights to WWE Network or move to a tiered system
  • Why NBCU was the right fit
  • Why WWE likely won't get sold as long as McMahon is still alive
  • The issues with friction when it comes to moving services and the risk of losing subscribers
  • Brandon's thoughts on Undertaker's recent comments about wrestling locker rooms today
  • The Buffalo wrestling scene and the glut of talent that appeared on AEW broadcasts this year and whether he would be a consultant to the Bills Mafia to improve their table busting techniques

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