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JNPO: SiriusXM's Danny Acosta talks UFC 205 & MMA news of the week

The weekend is here and that means Josh Nason's Punch-Out is back to help recap the week and look forward to the weekend. Helping Josh do the honors on the final day of September is friend of the show Danny Acosta of SiriusXM Rush!

With so much news happening this week, Josh and Danny were all over the board:

- They talk about the new celebrity owners of UFC, ranging from Tom Brady to Jimmy Kimmel to Tyler Perry and what they could mean for UFC buyrates

- The guys talk this week's UFC 205 press conference and all that had to happen to bring Conor McGregor to the table

- The "media" questions come in full focus as does the state of the media in the sport today

- Why do fans hate Tyron Woodley so much anyway?

- They look back at Cyborg Justino's easy victory last Saturday and the weird position UFC is in with her going forward

- They talk about Jose Aldo's situation and whether he'll fight in UFC again

- They go over UFC Portland: Catchweight, and the plight of John Lineker

- Plus Renan Barao, weight cutting, and tons more. 

Click below to listen now:

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