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JNPO: Pro wrestling year in review - September 2021

Image: AEW

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My first-ever pro wrestling year in review series on Josh Nason's Punch-Out continues with a look at September 2021, a month that saw AEW come out strong with a newsworthy All Out followed by the Grand Slam stadium show, Big E winning the WWE Championship, an NXT relaunch and more.

Helping me out is returning guest Rich Kraetsch of Voices of Wrestling.

A few of the topics we delve into:

  • AEW putting on one of the biggest PPVs of the year in All Out which saw great in-ring action and the back-to-back debuts of Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson
  • AEW running their first-ever stadium show in Queens, NY, featuring Kenny Omega vs. Danielson in a 30-minute draw
  • Big E winning the WWE title after saying he was cashing in his MITB briefcase the day before
  • The relaunch of NXT which included a new look, a litany of new debuts and Samoa Joe relinquishing the title
  • ROH, Impact, Japan...and more!

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