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JNPO: Let's talk about comic book movies and TV

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On a new Josh Nason's Punch-Out, I wanted/needed to divert from the world of pro wrestling and MMA for a week and focus on another passion of mine instead: comic book movies/TV and the culture as a whole.

I enlisted past guest and comic book aficionado Rich Stambolian from Mat Men and the new Film Class Zeros podcast to geek out for over an hour.

After explaining our backgrounds with comics and what got us into them to begin with, we recap everything that was released in 2021 from Marvel, DC and others on both the small screen and the big screen.

Then, we look ahead to the 2022 slate of movies and TV shows and what we're looking forward to the most. 

Spider Man: No Way Home? We talk about it. The Suicide Squad? Yep, here. Gushing over John Cena's The Peacemaker? We checked that box too.

Just click below to listen and nerd out with us for a while. 

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