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JNPO: John Pollock on UFC & WWE plowing ahead in uncertain times

When the world feels like it's falling apart around us, there's only man to turn to in our time of need: POST Wrestling's John Pollock.

The original Canadian destroyer returns for the first time in a year to hit on all the major topics of the day with yours truly which included:

  • How he and his family have had to adapt in the new world we currently find ourselves in, including POST Wrestling
  • UFC plowing ahead on UFC 249, worldwide pandemic be damned
  • Where he falls on the spectrum of the great Dave Meltzer vs. Bryan Alvarez WrestleMania debate from WOR
  • The evolution of AEW since we last talked, what we like, and what we'd like to see tweaked in the future
  • John's thoughts on the Dark Side of the Ring Chris Benoit documentary...and more

Then, I give some blistering hot takes on the Dana White-Kevin Iole interview including some comments that even made the non-alarmist in me take a pause.

Click below to listen.

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