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JNPO: Can political leanings and wrestling co-exist?

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In an era where politics seemingly dominates every form of culture and conversation, the past several weeks have seen that go fult tilt due to civil unrest in the U.S. and worldwide. To no surprise, the pro wrestling industry isn't immune due to a recent tweet by Jaxson Ryker and conservative leaning t-shirts worn by the Undertaker sparking more discussion and outrage.

While this isn't a regular political podcast by any means, I asked Jason Powell of ProWrestling.net to join me to help talk through whether politics and wrestling can co-exist in today's social media era and whether wrestlers will think about protecting their brand over sharing their true feelings. (For those assuming we take a side, this is about as middle of the road as possible.)

We also talk about some other topics of the week including:

  • Jason's question to Paul Levesque about whether WWE is doing COVID-19 testing
  • Whether he likes the cinematic match era and an idea that could give closure to fans of a certain Rattlesnake
  • How "The Greatest Match Ever" tag is unfair to Edge and Randy Orton going into Sunday's WWE Backlash
  • The impact of MLW's streaming deal with DAZN

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