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JNPO: Alec Price is ready for your attention & competition

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Nearly a year ago, I introduced you to Christian Casanova, a standout in the Northeastern U.S. indie scene that was improving night in and night out and seemed to be on the cusp of a big opportunity. Four months later, he was signed by WWE and is now the NXT North American Champion as Carmelo Hayes.

Now, I'd like to introduce you to another potential breakout from the same region in "The Prize" Alec Price, a lean and brash young talent who has been on the run of his young career for promotions like Beyond Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling with matches against Josh Alexander, Eddie Edwards, Lee Moriarty, Daniel Garcia, JD Drake, Anthony Greene, Jake Something, Chris Dickinson and others.

We talk about what hooked him on the game, being trusted by promoters with big names in featured matches, how he hopes to raise his profile, intergender wrestling, and plenty more. 

He's going to get his shot sooner than later, so get the info on what you should know about this 23-year-old now. 

After that, I talk about my night covering both AEW Dynamite and Rampage in Boston, the ridiculousness of "Attendance-gate" and why it's futile to try to determine how many people are leaving an arena during a match.

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