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Portland Wrestlecast: Raven in Portland Wrestling

You know him best as Raven, ECW's grunge-era cult leader. Before he was dark and brooding, he was loud, brash, and colorful as Scotty the Body in Portland Wrestling.

This week on the Portland Wrestlecast, Jim Valley talks to Raven about his time as Scotty the Body in Portland. Scotty was responsible for many firsts in the history of the territory: the first heel color commentator, the first valets (Ginger and Veronica) who were regularly involved in the territory, and the first wedding in Portland Wrestling history. 

Raven talks about Roddy Piper, The Grappler, Steve Doll, Johnathan Boyd, and others. In addition, he gives his opinion on whether Portland was more traditional in its booking and presentation.

This episode takes you back nearly 30 years to December of 1989 as Raven gets his first chance to consistently work main events and get plenty of TV time.

Don't forget to check out his podcast: The Raven Effect for more great stories.

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