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Portland Wrestlecast: Piper-Rose in depth with historian Rich Patterson

<p>It was arguabably the biggest money-drawing feud in the history of Don Owen's Pacific Northwest territory. This week on the Portland Wrestlecast, I talk with historian Rich Patterson about his memories of the famous Buddy Rose-Roddy Piper feud.</p> <p>Rich was there for many of their matches. Not only that, Rich knew Buddy Rose. He talks about what Buddy told him about some of the decisions and planning that went into the feud that lit the territory on fire. We cover it all: from Rose recruiting Roddy Piper, to deciding who would be the heel and who would be the babyface, Rich has got some great insight that hasn't been heard before.</p> <p>We also talk about Buddy Rose cutting the hair of Red Bastien and other lower and mid-card babyfaces in the territory on the way to Piper cutting the hair of Rose. Learn more about history on this edition of the Portland Wrestlecast.&nbsp;</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/PWC27RICHPATTERSONPIPERROSE.mp3} {membership 4}&nbsp;</p>