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Portland Wrestlecast: How Roddy Piper helped Rip Rogers

On this week's Portland Wrestlecast, it's part two of our interview with "Hustler" Rip Rogers.

In part one, Rip, one of the most respected wrestlers and trainers in the world, talked about teaming with Buddy Rose.

In 1979, Rogers called himself a "greenhorn" who needed advice and guidance from veterans in the territory like "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Rip talks about how Piper helped him get more money from promoter Elton Owen and also helped him deal with Adrian Adonis, who wasn't used to being a babyface and didn't like how the young heel Rogers called their matches.

He also discussed how he liked the weather in the Pacific Northwest, the drives, and what he learned while working the territory in 1979.

Enjoy this look back at 40 years ago as we build towards one of the most historic feuds and matches in Portland Wrestling history: the hair match between Piper and Rose. 

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