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Portland Wrestlecast free show: Rip Oliver's big 1980s run

<p><strong>Editor's Note: This is a free show. Just click the red button below to listen.</strong></p> <p>When fans talk about Portland Wrestling in the 1980s, Rip Oliver is one of the first names that come to mind.</p> <p>In a podcast scheduled before this week's announcement of <a href="https://www.f4wonline.com/other-wrestling/pacific-northwest-star-rip-oliver-enters-hospice-care-305056">Oliver going into hospice care</a>, myself and historian Rich Patterson talk about Oliver's mid-1980s run in the Pacific Northwest&nbsp;as the territory's top heel.</p> <p>From his debut in 1980 as the right hand man in&nbsp;Buddy Rose's Army to establishing his own heel group "The Clan," Rich and I discuss his legendary feud with Billy Jack Haynes, his infamous "Carry Out Service" stretcher, his taped thumb,&nbsp;how&nbsp;he fit so well in the territory, and why fans in the Northwest loved to hate him.</p> <p>If you want to learn more about Rip and his Pacific Northwest career, this conversation will help you understand why he is so special to the region and its history.</p> <p>{radioShow free/PWC37RICHPATTERSONRIPOLIVER.mp3} {membership 4}&nbsp;</p>