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Portland Wrestlecast free podcast: Remembering Dean Silverstone

While Dean Silverstone technically ran his "Superstar Championship Wrestling" promotion in the northwest against Don Owen, his legacy is such that we have to dedicate an entire episode to Dean and his accomplishments.

Jim Valley talks with one of Dean's good friends -- historian and Defy Wrestling promoter Matt Farmer. Matt talks about what it was like for Dean running an "outlaw" promotion, what Dean taught him about promoting, and how much respect Dean earned in the wrestling business. There's also a rather "explosive" story about a real-life "pipebomb promo."

Dean held wrestler reunions at his home that were attended by the biggest legends. Until just a few years ago, he owned and operated "Golden Oldies," an iconic Seattle area record store. He was also the treasurer and one of the key leaders of the Cauliflower Alley Club.

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