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Portland Wrestlecast free podcast: The Iron Sheik's real shoot match

<p>On this new and free edition of the Portland Wrestlecast, it's part two of our interview with former Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion Jerry Oates.</p> <p><a href="https://www.f4wonline.com/portland-wrestlecast/portland-wrestlecast-former-pnw-champion-jerry-oates-305801">Part one is available for subscribers.</a></p> <p>Oates talks about his tag team title run&nbsp;with partner&nbsp;Jesse Ventura in 1978, dealing with booking issues and politics with promoter&nbsp;Elton Owen and Dutch Savage while working Salem, Oregon, and the time Jonny Eagle cheated&nbsp;Andre the Giant at cribbage.</p> <p>As you've heard&nbsp;on the Wrestlecast, Owen would pay wrestlers to shoot in the first few minutes of a worked pro wrestling match. Oates has a story of when one of those matches got very heated as The Iron Sheik and Ricky Hunter were supposed to work a shoot-style match. Situations unfolded that made the match a real shoot between two very skilled wrestlers.</p> <p>Find out what happened and who won&nbsp;in this edition of the Portland Wrestlecast.&nbsp;</p> <p>{radioShow free/PWC39JERRYOATES2.mp3} {membership 4}&nbsp;</p>