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Portland Wrestlecast free podcast: The Iron Sheik's real shoot match

On this new and free edition of the Portland Wrestlecast, it's part two of our interview with former Pacific Northwest Heavyweight Champion Jerry Oates.

Part one is available for subscribers.

Oates talks about his tag team title run with partner Jesse Ventura in 1978, dealing with booking issues and politics with promoter Elton Owen and Dutch Savage while working Salem, Oregon, and the time Jonny Eagle cheated Andre the Giant at cribbage.

As you've heard on the Wrestlecast, Owen would pay wrestlers to shoot in the first few minutes of a worked pro wrestling match. Oates has a story of when one of those matches got very heated as The Iron Sheik and Ricky Hunter were supposed to work a shoot-style match. Situations unfolded that made the match a real shoot between two very skilled wrestlers.

Find out what happened and who won in this edition of the Portland Wrestlecast. 

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