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Portland Wrestlecast: Doug Masters on the end of Portland TV

<p>You may not know former pro wrestler&nbsp;Doug Masters, but he worked for Portland Wrestling during the time period you probably know best (1990-91) and was&nbsp;part of the last Portland Wrestling television show in 1991.</p> <p>In this episode of the Portland Wrestlecast, Masters talks about getting his nickname "Pretty Boy" from Roddy Piper and working with&nbsp;Raven, The Grappler, The Equalizer, Nord the Barbarian, "Crush" Bryan Adams, and more stars from the last days of the territory.</p> <p>Masters lived at The Bomber, the infamous long-term hotel where many Portland wrestlers stayed. What was the party scene like as the territory was drying up? Masters talks about that too.</p> <p>He's a strong personality that can only be found in the world of pro wrestling, and tells some fun stories about what it was like to be a wrestler at the end of the territory era.&nbsp;</p> <p>Click below to listen:&nbsp;</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/PWC17DOUGMASTERS.mp3} {membership 4}