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FREE SHOW! Portland Wrestlecast: Carl Styles vs. Portland's bullies

<p>FREE SHOW! In the late 1980s, Portland Wrestling completely changed its&nbsp;presentation that was virtually unchanged for decades. Booker Len Denton modernized the product by adding things like entrance music, improved production values, and theatrical storylines.</p> <p>Carl Styles benefited from&nbsp;those changes. In the past, he probably would have arrived as a heel in Portland and been the generic mean muscle man standing behind The Grappler. With this&nbsp;new approach, Carl became the kind-hearted heel who was bullied by The Grappler's Wrecking Crew for having a glass eye.</p> <p>As the bullying continued and the fans' frustration grew, eventually Carl couldn't take any more and finally stood up for himself against&nbsp;The Grappler. The late 1980s were a unique time in Portland. Roddy Piper drew upon his creativity to help Don Owen as he and Len Denton booked Portland like it was never seen before.&nbsp;</p> <p>{radioShow free/PWC33CARLSTYLESPART1.mp3} {membership 4}&nbsp;</p>