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WON Preview (March 22, 2021): UFC running Florida with full crowds, WrestleMania tickets

March 22, 2021 Observer Newsletter: UFC running Florida with full crowds, WrestleMania tickets

A look at how WrestleMania tickets, the COVID situation, UFC running Jacksonville all tie together is the lead story in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer.

We look at WWE's attendance goals, foreign attendance, ticket prices, Super Bowl COVID spreading, Spring break, the WrestleMania card updated and more. We look at Dana White's decision to run a full house indoor show, his planned big card, why so many people UFC fighters have gotten COVID than wrestlers, as well as a look at the most recent COVID outbreak in NXT.

We also update the new Japan Cup with coverage of all the shows of this past week, with results, notes and star ratings for all the Cup matches.

We also have more on the WWE's move to Peacock and the functions, Eric Bischoff Hall of Fame story, Charlotte Flair movie starring role, Tyson Fury vs. Drew McIntyre, WWE Network gift cards, how WWE & AEW did against sports programming this past week, Canadian WWE ratings, Danny Burch injury, new WWE signees, A&E schedule for WWE programming, UFC star talks going to WWE, WWE market value, most-watched shows on WWE Network and Paul Weight talks how WWE nixed his business idea.

We've got full coverage of Saturday's UFC show, with the stories from the fight, future direction as well as match-by-match coverage.

We have a story that isn't there now, but based on things being worked on that will greatly change all combat sports as well as pro wrestling and look at what changes can and can't be done.

We have a major feature on Buddy Colt, one of the biggest pro wrestling stars of the 1970s, who passed away last week. We look at his career, his similarities with an all-time legend and the plane crash that led to the end of his in-ring career.  We go into detail on the crash, the injuries he and the others had, his thoughts on the business, his interaction with Muhammad Ali, his breaking in Brian Blair and what he taught him, the first interracial match in Georgia, the death of Eddie Graham and the end of Championship Wrestling from Florida and much more.

We also have the most in depth coverage of the television end. We go more into detail on the ratings than any other source, we have how every segment on NXT and AEW did as well as how it did with different age groups, genders and more, plus a look at all other wrestling shows of the past week.

We also have results of the major pro wrestling events of the past week.

Also in this issue:

--Return of regular wrestling to a traditional weekly arena

--All Japan promotes its first one-match show

--Wrestler of the Year candidate had surgery and will be out much of the year

--NOAH's big show of the week

--New Japan Cup USA notes

--AEW stars involved  in Japanese start-up

--DDT big show news

--Stardom results from the week and its next big shows

--How the new NFL TV contract affects pro wrestling

--How much college basketball ratings gained or lost this season

--Notes on the NCAA wrestling tournament

--Notes on the NWA PPV show

--Return to wrestling of a retired star

--New book by 80s wrestler talking about women wrestling in that era

--More WrestleMania week shows

--Former ROH and TNA star comes out of retirement and wants full-time work

--ROH PPV notes

--ROH star opens restaurant

--Notes on upcoming Impact shows

--Impact show coverage

--Notes on the Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa match

--Great promo on AEW show

--DVR numbers for AEW & NXT

--UK ratings for AEW

--Just how much money did AEW Revolution generate

--Why selling content to a streaming service can be more valuable to the service than PPV revenue

--Tony Schiavone graphic novel

--Notes about the AEW and WWE audience crossover

--Streaming numbers for AEW & WWE programming

--Maki Itoh update

--BTE and Dark news

--Major business news involving UFC

--Khabib retires and what comes next in the lightweight division

--Notes on this week's show

--Lots of new UFC fights

--Details on the next Triiller PPV and its concept

--PFL signs Olympian

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