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Pacific Rim: Remembering Road Warrior Hawk's time in Japan

After watching this week's Dark Side of the Ring episode on the Road Warriors, co-host Fumi Saito and I remember his friend Road Warrior Hawk on this week's Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling podcast and give some background not covered in the documentary. 

Fumi goes into detail about when the Road Warriors debuted in Japan, the Hell Raisers team Hawk formed with "Power Warrior" Kensuke Sasaki, and how Fumi met the man behind the paint, Mike Hegstrand.

We also answer a number of your #AskFumi questions on the beginnings of New Japan and All Japan Pro Wrestling including key moments in their early histories, the politics of the 1993 Dream Slam show, the origin of excursions for young lions in Japanese wresting, the most famous sumo wrestlers turned pro wrestlers, why Giant Baba didn't maintain a working relationship with WCW like he did with the NWA, plus Adrian Adonis, David Schultz in Japan, and much more. 

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