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Pacific Rim: Mike Kirchner thoughts, Stardom review, Wrestle Kingdom

In this episode of Pacific Rim, Fumi Saito talks about attending Stardom Dream Queensdom 2021 at Sumo Palace, running down the major matches, stories, plans for the future and if he thinks Rossy Ogawa should be considered for the WON Hall of Fame.

Fumi was very close friends with the late Mike Kirchner who you know better as Corporal Kirchner or Super Leather. He talks about Kirchner's career, his (at least) 55 tours of Japan and why Fumi thinks he was very misunderstood.

We talk about Wrestle Kingdom, NOAH, live wrestling in Tokyo during the New Year's holiday, Jake Lee's injury and the potential for Toni Storm to return to Japan.

Also, don't forget to wish Fumi and happy birthday on January 1st. 

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