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Pacific Rim: Hana Kimura, Hiroshi Tanahashi, New Japan Cup

On a very personal episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast, Fumi Saito talks to Jim Valley about his memories of Hana Kimura and his experiences following her tragic passing.

Fumi met Hana when she was a seven-year-old kid who went with her mom Kyoko Kimura to the matches. He tells a great story about how much Hana understood about wrestling match structure at a very young age.

Fumi also recently interviewed Hiroshi Tanahashi and learned about a key American wrestler whom Tana credits for a lot of his success. It's a fascinating story.

With the New Japan Cup coming up, Fumi says to expect a new look for the empty arena matches and the plans for attendance at Osaka-Jo Hall. In addition, we discuss the success of Io Shirai and Asuka in WWE and answer your #AskFumi questions on AJPW's Wada, IWE's popularity, and much more. 

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