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Pacific Rim: Bridge of Dreams

Pacific Rim is back with Fumi Saito and Jim Valley. With little new wrestling taking place in Japan, Fumi talks about what some companies are doing to produce content, create new revenue streams, and find work for wrestlers.

Weekly Pro Wrestling's 1995 Bridge of Dreams card featuring 13 promotions on one show was recently uploaded to YouTube. Fumi was working at Weekly Pro at the time. He talks about the reason for the show, the work that went into it, the challenges it faced, and the major political fallout afterwards. We've discussed this show before, but there are details and events that I don't think we've covered in the past.

Fumi also gives his opinion on the possibility of another multi-company show in the future whenever Japan and pro wrestling emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. We planned on answering questions, but we will record again soon and do it then.

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