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NWA Power results: Tag Team title main event

David Marquez opened the show with The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton talked about how he couldn’t wait to see Eddie Kingston and Homicide get their shot at the NWA Tag Team titles later tonight.

Kingston and Homicide came out and Kingston said that with the stamp of approval from The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, there is no way they’re going to lose.


Trevor Murdoch defeated Caleb Konley

Murdoch hit a shoulder block, but Konley hit a monkey flip and a dropkick in response. Konley chopped Murdoch and charged at the corner, but Murdoch caught him and hit a spinebuster. Murdoch elbowed Konley in the face and said, “Come on, sunshine!” before hitting a knee and then two body slams.

Murdoch followed with a third when the fans chanted “One more time.” He went for a corner charge, but Konley hit a double stomp, swept the legs, and then hit a senton for a two count. Konley picked the leg and hit another double stomp for a two count. He went for the lionsault, but Murdoch got his knees up and hit a half nelson slam. Murdoch hit a flying bulldog for the three count.

This was a fun little squash match, and I like the story about Trevor Murdoch being the protege of Harley Race and Dick Murdoch as he tries to earn an NWA contract.


Jim Cornette promised that Kamille would have an interview tonight, and that she would speak for the first time on NWA Power.


Aron Stevens came out and said that he wasn’t even going to talk about what happened last week and that he is done with wrestling and the NWA. The crowd chanted the goodbye song, and Stevens announced that he quit. He promised to accept a movie role and leave forever.


Marti Belle & Thunder Rosa defeated Crystal Rose & Brooklyn Creed

Creed and Belle started the match. Rose and Creed tagged back and forth before Belle tagged out to Thunder Rosa, who just murdered Creed with hard strikes in the corner. Rosa hit a great running dropkick in the corner and then hit a double stomp on Creed for the win as Belle prevented Rose from making the save.

Thunder Rosa has gotten very good. I really think if she got an NWA Women’s Championship shot, it would be a great match.

After the match, Thunder Rosa cut a promo with Belle. Belle translated what Thunder Rosa said about a fire coming to the NWA, a Phoenix coming back, and Allysin Kay having no idea what is coming for her.


Another promo aired for The Question Mark, saying that he was debuting next.


James Storm talked about how he had bigger fish to fry than Colt Cabana, though he was clearly upset about losing the National title to him. Storm promised to go after Nick Aldis next.

Cabana came out and talked about how happy he was to be the NWA National Champion. Cabana said he was representing everyone at home and was more than happy to be their champion. He talked about the first time he lost the title and how hard it was, but he promised to be a fighting champion.

Ricky Starks entered and walked around Cabana as he talked about Storm. Starks said he was sold on gold, indicating that he wanted the National title.


The Question Mark defeated Dan Parker

Parker attacked with forearms, and I noticed that Parker’s tights said “Sorry” on the back of them, as he’s a good Canadian. The Question Mark hit a missile dropkick off the middle rope before hitting a big uppercut for the pinfall.

The crowd loved The Question Mark, but I have no idea if it’s going to actually translate to someone getting over.


A video aired hyping Thunder Rosa’s MMA debut from last week. It promised that the story of her fight would be coming soon.


Eli Drake came out and said he didn’t care if Kamille wasn’t talking. He said, “It isn’t about the why, but the what!”

Drake said that Aldis might be scared that Kamille would say something she shouldn’t -- and mainly that there was one person that could take the title from Aldis. The crowd chanted “Question Mark!” and Drake said, “No, you have questions, so let me put an exclamation point: The only person on Kamille’s mind was Eli Drake.”

Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs came down and -- before walking away -- told Drake to keep his mouth shut. Mr. Anderson snuck up behind Drake and yelled in his ear to scare him. He said that Drake was looking for someone with a big mouth, that Anderson was his man, and that all Drake had to do was say his name. Drake looked horribly confused.


A recap aired of Tim Storm and Aldis’ discussion from last week, which was so, so awesome.


Aldis came out and talked about how James Storm thought the NWA was against him. Aldis said that as the Worlds Heavyweight Champion he wanted to remind Storm that the wrestling business didn’t owe him anything, as you had to earn it in the ring.

Aldis said he earned everything he has, and he’s the reason the NWA was where it was. Aldis promised to sit and watch the upcoming Tag Team title match to make sure there would be no interference.


NWA Tag Team Champions The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs) defeated Eddie Kingston & Homicide to retain their titles

The announcers were getting ready to pitch it to break, but all four men started brawling so they didn’t go to an advertisement. That was a really nice touch. While this is pre-taped, it made it feel like the match was important.

Homicide hit a diving tornado DDT on Latimer and tagged out to Kingston, who flattened him with a clothesline.

Latimer hit a flying heel kick and tagged out to Isaacs. Isaacs beat on Kingston and tagged back out to Latimer, who nailed Kingston with a punch to drop him. Isaacs stomped on Kingston in the corner, and as the referee was distracted, Latimer choked Kingston. Isaacs tagged out and stomped Kingston in the stomach.

Every time that Kingston tried to fight out of the corner, Latimer knocked him back. As Latimer tried to send Kingston to the ropes, Kingston reversed, hit a uranage, and then tagged out to Homicide. Homicide ran wild and then hit a capture suplex on Isaacs. Kingston hit a clothesline on Latimer and got a two count.

Isaacs hit a DDT on Kingston, but Homicide broke it up. Latimer tagged in and tried to slam Kingston, but Kingston slipped out and sent Latimer into the corner and clotheslined him. Kingston tried to lift Latimer, but his knee gave out and Latimer started beating on the leg.

Homicide ran in and hit Latimer and Isaacs, then exchanged a double lariat with Isaacs and all four men were down.

Latimer ran at Homicide, but Homicide pulled the rope down and Latimer fell to the floor. Homicide went to the top rope, but Latimer grabbed Homicide’s leg and Isaacs sent Homicide crashing to the floor. Latimer and Isaacs hit a double team, with Isaacs ending with the full nelson into a deadlift German suplex for the win.

The show closed with Kamille coming out and arguing with Aldis, which brought James Storm out to argue with the both of them. Suddenly, Eli Drake, Colt Cabana, The Dawsons, and everyone else was arguing at ringside and officials had to come out to keep everyone apart. Chaos in the NWA!

Final Thoughts --

This episode of NWA Power was very easy to watch, but it did leave us with several questions: Who is the Question Mark? Is there some connection between The Wild Cards and Kamille? Is Nick Aldis associated with them, or is he aware that Kamille is somehow associated with them? Who will Aldis’ next challenger be? Also, will Tim Storm ever get another NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship shot?

The stories advanced here were very good, and as always, I can’t wait until next week’s episode.