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NWA Power results: Aldis, Latimer & Adonis vs. Pope, Stevens & Kratos

The NWA returned on Fite.TV for their first new edition of Power since May 12th.

Joe Galli opened the show with Tim Storm and Velvet Sky on commentary.

Strictly Business interview

Kyle Davis was with Strictly Business (NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, Thom Latimer and Kamille) who were talking about how they had a six-man tag coming up, but were short a wrestler. Latimer wanted to talk about his Sunday draw with TV Champion The Pope, saying that Pope couldn’t call himself a real champion.

Kamille then talked about becoming the number 1 contender for the Women’s championship and that the podium might not be able to hold all the gold they will be carrying when she wins. Latimer cut off a question to Aldis and ranted about Pope again. Aldis then spoke about how NWA Power was back and it was cause to celebrate.

Aldis said that he didn’t condone the type of behavior that Chris Adonis did with National champion Trevor Murdoch as he is only about Strictly Business. Aldis said he had a broom as a prop and wanted to talk about the clean sweep at Back for the Attack, but Latimer didn’t get what he deserved as he should be TV champ. He also promised that Kamille would be Women’s champion. This was fantastic.

We then got a highlight video promoting the replay of Sunday's Back for the Attack pay-per-view.

Kamille defeated Alex Gracia

This was a great squash and highlighted Kamille well. The match with Thunder Rosa from Sunday was good, but too long. This is the kind of match Kamille needs to highlight her right now. Gracia went after Kamille quickly, but countered a hurricanrana attempt with a massive power bomb. Kamille said, “That’s going to make a GIF right there” which was a great line. She applied a torture rack on Gracia and sent her crashing to the mat. Kamille hit a spear soon thereafter for the pinfall. 

The Pope interview segment

TV Champion The Pope was with Davis and talked about how he wasn’t happy with the way he retained his title in the aforementioned draw. But, he did survive and that means he successfully defended his title regardless. He said that he was aiming to have six more successful defenses so that he would have seven wins and would be able to challenge for the NWA World title.

He said that he was going to go out there week in and week out to defend it and fight, but everyone who comes for him better be ready. This was a great promo. As he was talking, Austin Idol came out with Tyrus and cut a promo on Pope, saying he was lucky to stand on the same set as him.

Idol announced Tyrus as his new client and promised to take him to the top and that he was going to eat Pope alive. Idol said, “I made Nick Aldis and if it wasn’t for me, he wouldn’t be NWA champion” and promised to make Tyrus the next NWA World champion. Tyrus said that Pope probably had questions, but to get answers, he has to go through Idol and they left.

Fred Rosser defeated Matt Cross & Marshe Rockett to become the #1 contender to the TV title

This was a fast paced triple threat and a very good match.

Within the first few seconds, Pope (out for commentary) called Rosser “Darren Young" which made me laugh. Cross was disregarded early on due to him being smaller than the other two, but he made them pay with a springboard crossbody to Rockett.

As the match went on, Galli did some excellent commentary, talking about Rockett’s 20-year career, having wins over Rhino and Mustafa Ali, which helped us believe this new guy is legit. Rockett hit a big powerslam on Cross and all three men were left on the mat.

Cross hit a cutter on Rockett and Rosser followed it up with a legdrop on Rockett before going after Cross. Cross missed a shooting star press on Rosser, but he rolled through and hit a forearm on Rockett to send him to the floor. As Cross turned around, Rosser hit a Gut Check on Cross for the pinfall.

-- Boogie Slice was backstage with May Valentine. He said he didn’t come to the NWA for just one match at Back for the Attack, but he did start his NWA career right, going 1-0 so far. He said he didn’t have his eyes on anyone in particular, but will fight anyone. He then flirted with Valentine.

Mike Parrow defeated Jordan Clearwater

Clearwater got no offense in this as Parrow crushed him in a few minutes. Parrow immediately charged Clearwater in the corner and hit a full nelson slam. He then crushed Clearwater with a senton as Galli said Parrow was a walking monster movie in a great line. Parrow hit an over the shoulder sitout piledriver for the pin after a few minutes to finish a good squash.

Thunder Rosa interview segment

Thunder Rosa came out and said she wanted to get her championship back. She was disappointed that she lost at Back for the Attack, but that she wasn’t done and thought it was disgusting that NWA might have Kamille as the face of the company.

Melina came out and said that while she and Rosa had their differences, she kept track of her and was still so proud for all that she has done. She knew how it hurt to lose, that it’s hard to come back, and that if she ever needed someone there for her, she was there.

Rosa said Melina paved the road for her and was quite flattered that Melina was offering her help, but she could still do things on her own. Melina said if she ever needed anything, she would be there and even offered to manage her. Rosa said that the past was the past and she earned what she did because she worked hard, but she didn’t think that she needed Melina’s help. This was another great segment and pushed forward some interesting storylines.

Strictly Business (World Champion Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer) & Chris Adonis defeated TV Champion The Pope and Tag Team Champions Aron Stevens & Kratos

This was a very good main event that helped push several stories forward, especially with Stevens' new babyface role clashing with his tag partner which was very well done.

Aldis condemned Adonis’ actions against Trevor Murdoch earlier in the show, but welcomed him as a tag partner here which Storm pointed out. The hypocrisy of the heels shone through here in a very easy to understand way.

Stevens started the match with Adonis, hitting a big clothesline and a belly-to-belly, but took an eye poke and was beaten down by Latimer. They got the heat on Stevens for the next few minutes, keeping him grounded and away from his corner with cheap tactics and good tag team wrestling.

Stevens kept trying to fight back, but kept getting grounded. Kratos yelled, “Are you kidding me?” as Stevens got beaten down, looking very upset that his partner was failing. Stevens swept the leg of Latimer and hit a DDT. Stevens managed to tag out to Pope and Kratos looked disappointed. Pope ran wild, hitting a big splash in the corner and a flying forearm on Adonis.

Pope hit a double DDT on Adonis and Latimer and a running bulldog on Adonis, but Aldis cut him off. Latimer tried to bring a chair into the ring, but Pope stepped on it, crushing Latimer’s hands. Adonis hit a spinebuster on Pope, but Kratos came in and took his head off with a clothesline.

Aldis tried to lock on a clover leaf on Pope, but ate a superkick from Stevens when he did. Pope hit the STO on Adonis, but Kratos blind tagged in as Pope was arguing with the referee. Kratos grabbed a chair and tried to kill Adonis with it, but Stevens pulled the chair away. Adonis rolled him up with a handful of tights for the win.

In the post match, Stevens said that Kratos didn’t need the chair to win and handed him his title back, saying that they weren’t going to wrestle that way. Kratos said that Stevens should have let him do it and the show went off the air with conflict between the two.

Final Thoughts:

This was an excellent episode and return for NWA Power.