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October 27 2006 Adam and Mike Show

No need to riot, Adam and Mike are back again to let you know that they'd like to see a life-sized Andy Warhol Pez despenser team with Great Muta and Hello Kitty in HUSTLE. They also discuss DSE's other company during the Pride Appreciation Society meeting: Family Friendly. Urinalysis Challenged, All Japan's Felix and Oscar making a whacky breakfast, why can't NOAH be NOASAWA?, Genome-normous, OCHO-CINCO~!, the New Japan G-1 tag leauge, No Simon, Marufuji and KENTA's test, why Dr. Keith is on suicide watch, and the only Toru Yano-Eddie Guerrero connection anyone could think of. All of that, and hockey venom to boot, on this week's Empire and Kingdom-approved: F4WOnline.com BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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