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Oct 25 Bryan & Vinny Show: Phone lines packed to talk to GRANNY, plus a full Impact review with outraged "free agent" AJ Styles working Impact for free to stick it to Dixie, putting his title on the line in the process

The Bryan & Vinny Show returns tonight and what a night it is. PHONE CALLS WITH GRANNY. Wasn't sure how many people were going to call in at 3:30 AM EST, but the phone lines were PACKED, over a dozen phone calls during her segment. A rather unique Q&A, that's for sure. Then it's a review of the Impact show where AJ Styles was SO MAD at Dixie Carter that he showed up on her show without a contract and wrestled for free in the main event with his title on the line. Yup. A fun show as always so check it out~! {radioShow dmdocuments/102513bvshow.mp3}<!--break-->