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November 16 2006 Adam and Mike Show

The Employees of the Month are back to work with 100 minutes of alternate programming. Matters discussed are Adam and Mike's new favorite wrestling promotion, You Can't Do That On Television, the American Dream comes true, New Japan and the G-1 tag league, UFC vs. Pacquiao-Morales III, hating a farmboy and the Amazing French Canadian for the wrong reasons, NOSAWA's supercard of champions, belated Veterans Day wishes, the irony of John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry, Oh-NOAH, BxB Hulk, proving Pretty Boy's promoter wrong, and a whole bunch of other stuff too. No matter if you're a heel or a face, it's everyone's favorite random radio. It's the BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! here at F4WOnline.com.

{archivedShow https://account.f4wonline.com/content/f/id/532}