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MLW Kings of Colosseum results: Tom Lawlor vs. Jacob Fatu

The Big Takeaways --

  • Jacob Fatu defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.
  • A Tag Team title ladder match will air on next week's MLW Fusion.
  • Konnan returned and interrupted Salina de la Renta's interview with Jim Cornette. De la Renta is holding a devastating secret over Konnan's head and is threatening to reveal it to the world.

Full Recap --

 - Jim Cornette and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to this MLW special and ran down the card, which includes a live edition of the Jim Cornette Experience with Salina de la Renta.

MLW National Openweight Champion Alexander Hammerstone defeated Kotto Brazil to retain his title (5:39)

Hammerstone took the mic before the match and called the fans “inner city sweathogs” and called The Hart Foundation felons. MJF blamed Court Bauer for his headset not initially working as he joined Cornette and Bocchini on commentary. Richard Holliday and Aria Blake were around ringside too.

Brazil used his speed to his advantage in the early stages, including a headscissor takedown, a dropkick to the face, and a cradle. But it didn't take long for Hammerstone's power to come into effect as he launched Brazil across the ring and floored him with a pump kick to the jaw.

Hammerstone went for his Nightmare Pendulum finisher, but Brazil avoided it and hit a satellite DDT. Brazil then hit a big dropkick from the top rope and followed up with a frog splash from the top, but Hammerstone kicked out at one.

Brazil went to the well once too often and was distracted by Richard Holliday while he was on the top rope. Hammerstone joined him up there and hit a big delayed middle rope superplex. He then planted Brazil with the Nightmare Pendulum and picked up the win to retain his title.

MJF took the mic after the match and called The Dynasty the greatest faction in professional wrestling history. The crowd were chanting “Perro” at him, but he shot them down and challenged The Hart Foundation for their MLW Tag Team titles.

- We cut backstage to Simon Gotch, who warned Tom Lawlor that the last time they were in this arena, Contra Unit was born. He pointed out the door where Gotch led Lawlor to his ambush. But as he said that, the door opened -- and there stood a newly buzz cut Tom Lawlor.

Lawlor beat up Gotch and slammed him into the door. Lawlor told Josef Samael and Jacob Fatu that he hopes they're ready for their fight later on, because he is. He said tonight the door closes on Contra.

- We then saw an advertisement for MLW's pay-per-view on November 2 in Cicero, Illinois.

Myron Reed defeated Rey Horus (8:22)

Jordan Oliver joined Reed at ringside and they had their “Justice” placards with them. It was a quick start to the match, with Horus sending Reed to the outside numerous times.

Horus looked to dive onto Reed throughout the match. Oliver distracted him on this occasion, which gave Reed the opportunity to get back into the ring and hit Horus with a step-up enzuigiri. Oliver then put the boots to Horus on the outside behind referee Doug Markham's back.

Horus fought back and sent Reed to the outside. He was about to get his dive in when Oliver stormed the ring and sprinted at Horus, so Horus dropped down with the top rope and Oliver tumbled to the outside. Markham delayed Horus' dive again, deciding to read the riot act to Oliver and Reed on the outside, so Horus launched himself over Markham, over the top rope and right on top of his two foes on the outside.

Back inside, Horus ended up hitting a springboard guillotine leg drop for a two count. He then went for a brainbuster, but Reed turned in mid-air and hit a cutter. Reed then followed up with a springboard 450 splash but only got a two count.

They exchanged forearms until Horus caught Reed coming off the ropes with a running Spanish Fly. Horus knocked Oliver off the apron, but the distraction was enough to allow Reed to springboard from the apron and land a big flying European uppercut that floored Horus long enough for Reed to pick up the victory. Reed is calling that the Louisville Slugger. He and Oliver put the boots to Horus after the bell.

- Georgia Smith was backstage interviewing her family members Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Teddy Hart. They accepted Dynasty's challenge for their Tag Team titles -- but made the match next week a tag team ladder match.

Smith Jr. then said he wants to give Brian Pillman Jr. the shot at defending the titles. He said you need to become fearless to become limitless -- and he wants Pillman to take no prisoners against The Dynasty.

- Jim Cornette then interviewed Salina de la Renta. She immediately told him to address her as Miss de la Renta. She denied to answer when questioned about whether or not LA Park would cash in his title shot tonight.

De la Renta moved onto Konnan, saying his two “stars” are not here so he must suck at his job. She also said he must not be able to pleasure a woman, and that brought Konnan out to confront her. Konnan announced that he has another crop of luchadors that he has already signed up, so she can't exploit them like she usually does.

De la Renta said this is typical of Konnan, but she has a little secret of her own. A secret that will bring Konnan to his knees, humiliate him, and end his career. She threatened him by saying if he wants to know this secret, keep trying her and she will spill.

- We cut backstage to a Dynasty photoshoot where Hammerstone revealed to MJF that The Hart Foundation have accepted their challenge -- but under ladder match rules. MJF looked less than pleased to hear the stipulation and couldn't stop Richard Holliday from accepting on his behalf. He ended up storming off, with the commentary team joking that MJF doesn't like heights.

Jacob Fatu defeated “Filthy” Tom Lawlor to win the MLW World Heavyweight Championship (7:17)

Fatu was accompanied by only Josef Samael, as Lawlor took out Simon Gotch earlier in the night. De la Renta was sitting in the front row watching the action and keeping tabs for her Promociones Dorado member LA Park, who can cash in a World title shot at anytime.

Fatu didn't let Lawlor enter the ring and it took Samael and referee Frank Gastineau to create some space.

They exchanged big right hands from the get-go -- and it didn't take long for the action to spill to the outside. Samael distracted Lawlor while he was on the apron and Fatu ran and sent Lawlor flying right on top of the security guardrail. Fatu tossed him around outside and choked him with a cable. He dropped Lawlor back-first on the apron, chest-first on the guardrail, and head-first on the ring bell.

Back inside, Fatu thwarted Lawlor's attacks but missed a middle rope headbutt. Lawlor locked on a rear naked choke, but Fatu threw him off. He tried again and had better luck for a few seconds, but Fatu tossed him again. A spinning heel kick and a dropkick slowed Fatu some more, but Fatu squashed Lawlor in the corner on the third choke attempt.

Fatu caught Lawlor coming off the top and hit a big Black Hole Slam. Fatu then went for his triple-jump moonsault but missed. Samael was distracting the referee, so Lawlor went filthy and kicked Fatu below the belt. Lawlor then went for a sunset flip. He didn't get the big man over and luckily moved at the last minute as Fatu went for the big sit-down splash.

Lawlor then hit his own Yes Kicks, but they still didn't faze Fatu. Fatu hulked up to his feet, so Lawlor delivered some knees to the head and locked in another choke. But it was again to no avail as Fatu escaped after a few seconds.

Lawlor then went for an RKO style cutter, but Fatu put his hands on the mat and used a handstand to block it. Fatu then hit a back handspring moonsault but only got a two count.

Lawlor fought back with some Chop and Roll Express chops, fists, and a spinning clothesline in the corner. He went for another spinning clothesline, but Fatu met him with a superkick and a pop-up Samoan drop. Fatu then lined Lawlor up and hit his triple-jump moonsault to become the new MLW World Heavyweight Champion.

Fatu celebrated with his newly-won title as Cornette and Bocchini questioned the future of MLW with Fatu as their champion.

Next Week --

  • Teddy Hart & Brian Pillman Jr. defend the MLW Tag Team titles in a ladder match against MJF & Richard Holliday.