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May 30 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Fantastic Old School Card, Payback Predictions, much more~!

Les and Vic start the show by running down a card from very early in Les' career someone sent him the other day.  Talk about a show loaded with big names!  You'll find out why one should never wear a sequined jacket when KARL GOTCH is on the card, go used car surfing with THE SHEIK, and what happens when a fan runs into a Russian wrestler at a show....in a public bathroom at the arena.  Let me tell you, that story was not exactly what I was expecting.  Les also answers the question from last week about 10 guys he'd use to start a new company today, and the Payback Prediction game!  Thanks for listening and have a great weekend~!

{radioShow dmdocuments/053014ww.mp3}