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May 26 Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly: Two days, one big show!

This one almost never made it to the site!  Victor Sosa and Les Thatcher put in TWO DAYS worth of work to get this edition of Doc Young's Wrestling Weekly to you.  Of course, most of that was Vic's fault, but let's not assign blame now.  Just know when you hear the references to days of the week that the first 35 minutes were done on Friday afternoon and the rest of the show was done on Saturday morning.  Lots of good stuff including Les taking on Super Chico and his assessment of the Big Show angle, as well as the love for Impact on the B&V show, plenty on WWE, TNA's lawsuit against WWE, Ric Flair's status, and then the real good stuff begins when we get OLD SCHOOL.  What made the Mid Atlantic territory so great, why the NWA Legends fanfest in Charlotte this August is always awesome, and some great Pillman show memories from an different perspective.  As always, please enjoy, have a fun and safe Memorial Day weekend (for those who celebrate it) and visit our thread in the radio shows section of the board for a little bit more!

{radioShow dmdocuments/052612ww.mp3}