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MLW Fusion results: Lucha Bros vs. LA Park & Hijo de LA Park

By Iain Oliver for F4WOnline.com

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcomed us to the broadcast and hyped up the two big matches: the world tag team championship match pitting the Lucha Bros vs LA Park and Hijo de la Park, and Brian Pillman Jr vs Tommy Dreamer.

Simon Gotch defeated Ariel Dominguez (1:23)

Gotch came out with his money bag and took the mic before the match. He said he is putting up $10,000 to “the filthiest man in the back” who thinks they can take it from him. This was a quick squash match that didn't last long. Gotch dominated throughout with uppercuts, some strikes in the corner, a running power bomb into the corner and finished Dominguez with a Gotch piledriver.

After the match, Gotch stuffed the money into Dominguez's mouth and left him laying with a second piledriver. The announce team then hyped up Gotch vs. "Filthy" Tom Lawlor in a no ropes, no holds barred match at the December 13th tapings in Miami.

- Middleweight champion MJF was backstage being interviewed. He said he has told the office there will be no ladder match at the Miami tapings, that he is better than that, and is not going to wrestle in hostile or hardcore environments. He said he is not afraid of heights and he will not do the match because it is not worth his time.

- We then cut to Tommy Dreamer in a pre-taped promo. He talked about being excited to wrestle Brian Pillman Jr. as he was a fan of his dad. He called Pillman Jr. a skinny jeans wearing millennial that has no respect. Dreamer said he is going to teach him respect and is looking forward to hurting him tonight.

- Kaci Lenox is backstage with Stokely Hathaway. His plans for MLW are domination, plans to take it to new heights, and he is here to manage. He and his clients will right the wrongs of MLW.

Tommy Dreamer defeated Brian Pillman Jr. (6:35)

Pillman hid his cane in the corner under the ring apron that would come into play later on. They went for a handshake to start the match but Pillman refused and ran his hand through his hair. This had a slow start as they exchanged arm ringers. Dreamer hit a Dusty Rhodes style elbow to the head before they moved to the outside where Dreamer spat a beer in Pillman's face. Back in the ring, Pillman took the advantage when he slipped out of the 10 punches in the corner and knocked Dreamer off the ropes with a kick to the back.

Pillman continued his attack to Dreamer's back with kicks and a running dropkick. Dreamer fought back, dodged an elbow drop, hit a clothesline, got his 10 punches in the corner, and bit Pillman on the forehead for good measure. Tommy went for a DDT but Pillman slipped out and knocked him down with a chop to the back.

The finish came when Pillman took his cane from the apron but as the distracted referee was getting rid of it, Dreamer hit a low blow and rolled up Pillman for the win.

They shared some words after the bell and finally shook hands and Dreamer even raised Pillman's arm. only for Pillman to turn and hit him with his swinging neck breaker. Pillman got his cane and attacked Dreamer with it and choked him out. Referees and Teddy Hart came out to calm the situation. Teddy and Pillman stood over Dreamer and Teddy raised Pillman's hand. Pillman hit another neck breaker to add insult to injury.

- Backstage, Konnan said the Lucha Bros are going to leave with the titles tonight.

- The camera caught up with Lawlor. He said Gotch is a fake, a liar, and he chose the quick money by turning his back on him. He won't be able to use the money he has made as he is going to break every finger on his hands in their no holds barred match.

MLW World Tag Team Champion Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix) w/ Konnan defeated LA Park and Hijo de la Park w/ Salina de la Renta to retain (20:44)

The match was contested under Mexican rules which meant no tags were needed and all four competitors were legal throughout the match. They started off quick with all four exchanging forearms but the Bros ended up eating some super kicks. They all went to the outside to brawl. Hijo de la Park hit Fenix with a broken piece of table and LA Park power bombed Pentagon Jr. onto a table which didn't break.

Back in the ring, Hijo and LA Park took the advantage with chairs. They attacked the Bros below the belt using the chairs and the ring post. The Bros eventually fought back with Fenix hitting a springboard double cutter, Pentagon hitting a sling blade on LA Park, and then a pair of superkicks. Both then hit a double plancha to the outside. Staying on the outside, Pentagon tried to put Hijo through a table with a power bomb but again the table didn't break.

The Bros took control in the ring but were quickly cut off when LA and Hijo hit a pair of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers followed by double suicide dives. Hijo then hit Fenix with a Spanish fly from the top rope for a near fall. LA continued the assault on Fenix with a double foot stomp as Hijo draped him from the apron.

Pentagon Jr. and LA met in the ring, removed their gloves and exchanged chops. LA hit his trademark strut and a takedown for another near fall. Pentagon slipped out of an attempted hurricanrana and hit a double foot stomp for a near fall of his own. LA kept fighting back and hit Pentagon with a suplex into the corner.

Hijo and Fenix made their way into the ring and pace quickened. Hijo hit a modified spinning Canadian destroyer for another near fall but Fenix fought back and hit a top rope hurricanrana followed by the Fenix driver for a two count.

Hijo hit a reverse package tombstone on Fenix for another near fall and knocked him to the outside. This gave Pentagon the chance to get in and hit Hijo with a chair, sending him to the outside too. LA re-entered the ring and we were back to he vs. Pentagon.

For a 53 year-old, LA Park can still pull out some incredible spots for someone his age. He evaded Pentagon with a middle rope springboard moonsault, landing on his feet so he could chopblock Pentagon before quickly hitting a dropkick to the seated tag champ. Pentagon fought back with a backstabber out of the corner and a superkick. LA fell to the outside but before Pentagon could hit him with a dive, Hijo  got his revenge and stopped the dive with a chair shot of his own.

Fenix then sprung back in and he and Hijo exchanged chops ad kicks before Hijo ended up hitting an Asai moonsault on the outside. LA and Pentagon were back in but Pentagon got rid of him with a low blow. Hijo returned but Pentagon quickly hit him with a Fenix assisted double foot stomp from the top rope package piledriver. Fenix immediately then launched himself and hit LA Park with a rolling dive through the middle ropes. Pentagon then pinned Hijo and got the win.

This was a really good match to the finish the show. LA Park really impressed me for still being able to pull of some of his signature spots. Fenix and Hijo de la Park's work was fantastic as their similar sizes really worked well together.

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