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Left My Wallet: Vince Verhei on the NFL offseason

<p>Left My Wallet is back with our resident pro football expert and Bryan &amp; Vinny co-host Vince&nbsp;Verhei to talk about the flurry of NFL offseason moves.</p> <p>"Big Vinny V" is also a writer for <a href="http://www.footballoutsiders.com">Football Outsiders</a>&nbsp;so he is well qualified to talk&nbsp;about the situation with Russell Wilson in Seattle, who he thinks are the big winners in free agency, who has missed the boat on improving their team, if Cam Newton can still throw for the Patriots, and who are some low-key good signings that will help some teams the most.</p> <p>But first, we're joined by F4W stalwart and convention regular Rodney Rogers to talk about his New Orleans Saints. He talks about meeting&nbsp;Drew Brees at the airport and what he expects from his favorite team in their first year after the Hall-of-Fame quarterback's&nbsp;retirement.</p> <p>There's never an offseason in the NFL, so take a listen as Vinny keeps you in tune with all the NFL&nbsp;happenings and "Hot Rod" discusses the New Orleans Saints.</p> {radioShow dmdocuments/Leftmywalletvinnyfreeagency.mp3} {membership 4}