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Left My Wallet: 'The Taskmaster' Kevin Sullivan

Left My Wallet returns with legendary wrestler, booker, and sports fan, Kevin Sullivan.

Whether you know him as a young babyface in the WWWF or as The Taskmaster, after listening to this show, you will understand why he's one of the most knowledgeable sports fans you have ever heard.

We discuss our love for former Boston Red Sox great Dwight Evans and which Hall of Famer Kevin thinks Evans was better than. He recalls his memories of going to Fenway Park as a nine-year-old in Boston to see Ted Williams play. We also discuss what he thinks baseball needs to do to garner more fan interest, some of the greatest players and pitchers he had ever seen, which players he feels should be in the baseball Hall of Fame, and who is playing today that's an automatic Hall of Famer. 

He then gives his memories of Pat Patterson and working with him as a babyface in Florida. Finally, he makes his case as to why Johnny Rougeau should be in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame and some of the booking philosophies he learned under Dusty Rhodes and Eddie Graham. 

HIs legendary career has spanned almost 50 years, but his knowledge and love of sports has spanned even longer. Join us for some baseball and wrestling talk from the one and only Kevin Sullivan.

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