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Left My Wallet: Paul Roma on nutrition, sports, wrestling memories

"Left My Wallet" is back with former WWF and WCW star Paul Roma, part of Power & Glory, Pretty Wonderful, and the Young Stallions to name a few.

I have met Paul on a handful of occasions and he's always been kind and pleasant and this conversation is no different.

We start out talking about sports and what brought him to love the NFL's Minnesota Vikings as a kid, his thoughts on Kirk Cousins and the recently traded Stefon Diggs, and how he has stuck with them his whole life. He also talks about other players he admires and fans who switch their team allegiance due to their favorite players switching teams.

The talk then flips to baseball and the New York Yankees,. Paul talks about his favorite player, Thurman Munson, what made him a fan, thoughts on Mariano Rivera, and more. He also gives insight on being a sports fan in general and who are the teams and players he roots for when his teams are out of contention.

We also discuss nutrition, what his daily diet looks like, the aches and pains he has from wrestling and what he does to fight Father time. He talks about the lessons he learned from his father and how he passes those lessons on to his daughter who is an elite national gymnast.

Finally, we talk wrestling and who the greatest tag team and workers he's ever been in the ring with are. We then wrap talking about his wrestling school and promotion, Paradise Alley Professional Wrestling.

This was a conversation I enjoyed immensely and shows a different side of Paul than wrestling fans may know. 

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