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Left My Wallet: Nova/Simon Dean

Heading into NFL championship weekend, 'Left My Wallet' talks some football with former WWE/ECW star and Blue World Order member, Nova/Simon Dean!

Also known as Mike Bucci, he is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and he has no issue letting you know that or how great they are. We talk about their outlook heading into next season, the playoff loss to the Rams, Jason Garrett's future, who he thinks the 'Boys will sign in free agency, and his pilgrimage to "Jerry World" with "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry.

Mike also talks about his disdain for the Philadelphia Eagles and has a message for all the Eagles fans such as Stevie Richards and the Blue Meanie that must be heard. We also talk his predictions for the Super Bowl, the Patriots legacy, fast food at the White House, the MASKED SINGER, and more.

I have always known him as Nova going back to our days on the independent scene before WWE, but whether you know him as Nova, Simon Dean, or Mike, he is outspoken and a true sports fan. Check out a fun and very interesting chat with one of the true in-ring offensive innovators of the 90s.

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