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Left My Wallet: Lanny Poffo on baseball, Randy Savage, and WWE

<p>Left My Wallet returns as I talk sports with the poet laureate of professional wrestling and a true "Genius", <a href="https://twitter.com/LannyPoffo">Lanny Poffo</a>!</p> <p>Lanny talks about his athletic background growing up and why he chose wrestling over a traditional sports career, and then delves into his brother, Randy Savage, and his minor league playing days. Lanny tells of their relationship with major leaguer Jimmy Piersall, how Randy and Keith Hernandez are linked, the time he introduced Hall of Famer Ted Williams and the poem he wrote for him, and some amazing stories from Randy's minor league days.</p> <p>Lanny also talks about the Hall of Fame voting, what baseball team his allegiance lies with, his brother's WWE Hall of Fame induction, whom he isn't a fan of in the company, his father Angelo, his diet/workout regimen, and more.</p> <p>First, I'm joined by guest co-host and recurring guest Flex Rumblecrunch to talk football and last Sunday's&nbsp;"Miracle in Miami", if the Browns or Packers are a better choice for a head coach candidate, and his recent toy purchases.</p> <p>{radioShow dmdocuments/leftmywallet121418.mp3} {membership 4}</p>